The objectives of THAIMED are:

  1. To improve communications and create a stable business relationship between member companies engaged in the distribution of medical products to government and private hospitals throughout Thailand.
  2. To promote high professional standards within the industry and to ensure the availability of high quality and dependable products and repair service to its customers to benefit the health of the Thai people.
  3. To offer to the government and the private sector professional counsel and advice on issues affecting medical products and their supply.
  4. To provide an organization to represent the views of its members in all questions relating to the medical products supply business in Thailand, and to negotiate and cooperate with the government on all such matters.
  5. To collect and collate statistics and other information relating to the medical products supply business in Thailand and to obtain details of all Thai laws and other regulations of interest and to disseminate these amongst its members.
  6. To propagate and publicize the association’s activities as well as providing information concerning th medical device industries.
  7. To collect and disseminate statistics and other information concerning hospital equipment and disposable products in Thailand and to obtain and disseminate among its members all Thai Laws and regulations of interest to the membership.
  8. Neither the Association nor any of its members shall do or promote any act which would constitute a violation of the antitrust laws or any other law which may prejudice economic, social or political interests.
  9. This Trade Association has no objects to participate in politics.

The working groups of THAIMED whose objectives are as follow:

  1. Regulatory Affairs
  2. Treasury & Legal Matters
  3. Product Liability Law
  4. Market Perspectives, Statistics, Member-Surveys
  5. Manufacturers’ Affairs
  6. Distributors’/Importers’
  7. Training courses & Seminars
  8. Healthcare Insurance Systems
  9. E-Business
  10. Code of Conducts